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The growing outreach of Hawa Badlo attracted an independent research organization to come forward with their study on how air pollution was proving to be a catastrophe to the traffic police men and the hazardous effects of it on their health.

The alarming study inspired Hawa Badlo to come up with an innovative social media campaign ‘Gift a Mask’. The campaign kick started with a video where in people were asked to about their opinions on traffic cops, the response was quite negative. They were then asked whether can they withstand a traffic cop’s job for a day, to which everyone straightforwardly declined. The video then stated the facts from the extensive study which created a positive sentiment for the traffic cop community and the work related hazards to which they are exposed on a daily basis.

The movement then evolved into aa nation spread twitter campaign inviting people to tweet ‘#Giftaamask’ and against every tweet received, GAIL promised to gift a N99 mask to traffic police. The campaign drew attention and positivity from across the nation. Amidst the chain of messages flowing in various social media channels of the campaign the most surprising was from a mom of a 3 year old Samreen, who amazed most of the people connected to the movement digitally or operationally. The little girl after watching the video gifted her own prescribed mask to a traffic policeman in her vicinity. The entire Hawa Badlo team was so moved with the gesture that they recreated the entire episode into a video and launched it on social media channels. The video was thoroughly acclaimed across the digital space, within hours of its launch. The video managed to accumulate 8 thousand views , 94 shares and 220 likes within 3 hours . The little girl became an inspiration over night for environmentalist and activists around the country. This act of her kindness didn’t escape the Bollywood community either and the campaign registered a big win when several stars of the industry came forward to support the campaign.

Hawa Badlo then collated the Indian film industry artists into a video story which talked about the Traffic Policemen and the work hazards faced by them. The video was named ‘Time to act is now’. The video story was covered by various tabloids and media houses to raise the awareness against air pollution