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Making of Seed Bombs – Each one Make one

Seed balls or as we prefer to say, seed bombs, since they are designed to be lobbed over fences and out of car windows are a great way to plant seeds of all sorts in places you can’t take close care of, such as meadows, roadside strips, and stream banks.

How to make a seed bomb??

1. Flatten clay into a sheet with your palm. Sprinkle seed starting mix or compost and seeds in center of clay, and knead until everything is mixed in and seeds and soil are well distributed.
2. Roll clay out into a thin snake.
3. Pinch off ½-inch sections and roll into balls.
4. Place on a tray to dry and harden (about 24-48 hours; leaving them in the sun will speed things up).
5. Cut fabric or tissue paper into 4-inch squares. Place 5-6 seed bombs in the center of the fabric,     gather ends, and tie with string. Add label before tying bow.