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‘Natural gas – the clean energy is the solution’

‘Smart Energy, Smart India: Clean the air with Natural Gas’ is an initiative by Times group to highlight and debate on how natural gas is a smart energy source for India.
India’s energy demands are growing every year and will continue to do so with the economic activity boosting up in various sectors with initiatives like “Make in India”, “Smart Cities” and so on. Another aspect to look at is that around 3.5 billion people—more than half the human race today—lives in our cities and that number is growing fast.
As much as 40 percent of worldwide carbon dioxide emissions comes from coal-burning power plants, the vast majority of which serve big cities. In India too, the energy basket is highly skewed towards coal with 56% of India’s primary energy requirement being met through coal, followed by oil (27%).
Reducing coal consumption is a big necessity given the growing hunger for energy by India and looking at other options to cater to this growing demand. But what are those options? The renewable source of energy which is the limelight today forms less than 5% of the energy mix. The government has set forth ambitious targets to increase this percentage in the energy mix. However the renewable sources of energy have its own problems. For instance the solar energy source is not available throughout the day and hence the requirement for the storage of energy.
Thus, Natural Gas is the best option that we India has on it’s way to sustainability.




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