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Natural gas as the bridge fuel in India

16 Apr 2016, Posted by Aakar Seth in Uncategorized

India is a key member of the international community in the efforts to transit to a sustainable, low-carbon emission confronting climate change, human health improvisation, and fostering prosperity. Also, India happens to be the world’s fourth largest consumer of energy following the US, China and…

Natgas is here to stay

16 Apr 2016, Posted by Aakar Seth in Uncategorized

Dawn of CNG transportation is challenging the very dominance of oil in fuel market. Natural gas being cheaper and greener fuel is being foreseen as the replacement of gasoline. Market analysis paves a strong base for the gas market as the fuel prices has been…

How Natural Gas Can Help India Reduce Air Pollution

16 Apr 2016, Posted by Aakar Seth in Uncategorized

A recent World Health Organization (WHO) study ranks India as one of the most polluted countries in the world. India is home to 13 of the world’s 20 most polluted cities, with air pollution impacting more than half the population by reducing its lifespan by…

HEROES – Vol.1

16 Mar 2016, Posted by Aakar Seth in Heroes

With the construction of the Bus Rapid Transit System Corridor (BRTS) between Hubbali and Dharwad in Karnataka, concerns over the environmental front has been on the rise. There were a total of 200 buses scheduled to run on the corridor. Now there has been an…