Why Hawa Badlo?

Air pollution has become one of the greatest concerns worldwide. Many Indian cities now rank among the world’s most polluted cities.

According to a study led by researchers at the University of Birmingham and UCL, air pollution was responsible for an estimated 1,00,000 premature deaths in cities such as Mumbai, Bangalore, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Chennai, Surat, Pune, and Ahmedabad.

What is Hawa Badlo?

Hawa Badlo is a social movement supported by GAIL (India) Ltd. to combat air pollution with real stories and social experiments meant to facilitate lasting change at the individual level.

Where & How Can We Join The Movement?

Every small effort you make to improve the environment and the air makes you a part of the movement.
You can make a pledge online by clicking the pledge button.


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Every small effort you make to improve the environment and the air makes you a part of the movement. You can make a pledge online by clicking the pledge button.

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Our Impressions

Changing the air and lives with hard-hitting stories!

Keep air pollution at bay by making smart choices!

Plant trees🌳, Conserve energy⚡️ - at home, at work, Carpool🚗, use public transportation🚐, Consider using cleaner fuels⛽️ and Reduce, Reuse and Recycle♻️ 

#HawaBadlo #CleanTheAir #ChangeTheAir
The Practice of Yoga is not a single-day event, it is a process that changes you and makes you feel alive!
Practice Yoga & Lifestyle for Environment (LIFE)

 #HawaBadlo #CleanTheAir #ChangeTheAir #InternationalDayofYoga #YogaForHumanity #YogaDay
Here’s to our superheroes and our guiding light!

Happy #FathersDay to all the fathers out there! 🦸‍♂️

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Kum Karna Hai Pollution, 
Ab Aap Batayenge Solution!

1. Spot the ‘Air Pollution Ka Alarm’ around you
2. Take a picture and share using #PollutionKaSolution, Tag us @hawabadlo
3. Suggest the solution in the caption
4. Most innovative solutions will be highlighted on our SM Handle
5. Best entries will win a ‘Hawa Badlo’ T-shirt each

#HawaBadlo #AirPollutionKaAlarm
The ocean is vital for our survival as well as that of all other life forms.

Protect the ocean! #WorldOceansDay

#HawaBadlo #CleanTheAir #ChangeTheAir

Our Videos

Time Bomb – Every 23 seconds, an Indian dies from air pollution. If we continued to use the fuels we use today by 2030, the air would be so toxic with pollutants that oxygen would have become a permanent necessity as we could not live without it. The short film shows us the hard-hitting reality we might have to face in the future!

Kadvi Hawa Badlo – Short Film (Feat. Sanjay Mishra and Ranvir Shorey)

The short film depicts a future characterized by harsh climatic conditions caused by climate change. Directed by Nila Madhab Panda, “Kadvi Hawa Badlo” stars Sanjay Mishra and Ranvir Shorey.

Hawa Badlo: We Shall Overcome


The short film shows a story about two loves, one of an old man for his country, and one of a young boy for his grandfather.

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Latest Campaign

Switch2Swachh – On World Environment Day, the campaign offered a free pollution check camp in Delhi. Promoting the use of CNG vehicles and regular pollution checks to contribute to a cleaner environment.

ChangeForGood – On World Environment Day, A world that doesn’t have time to breathe properly leaves Oxygen alone, desolate, and neglected. He’s calling on everyone to change individually, because everyone has to #ChangeForGood

PowerOfGreen – A campaign focused on the importance of planting trees to help curb air pollution.